Joan Fenold, LMFT

Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

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Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco

Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice For Individuals

Joan Fenold LMFTWithin the support of a contemplative environment, a good spiritual counseling relationship can help engage you in an inner journey home…toward opening your heart to yourself, deepening compassionate self-understanding and helping you develop trust in what is being felt and experienced in the moment. It may also help you cultivate a deep sense of personal integrity.

Many of our problems, especially relational ones, arise from wounds around love that have lead us to believe that we may not be lovable as we are. This belief and old hurts can cause us to close down our capacity to trust, ourselves and others, which then affects our ability to open to love and allow it to work its way through us impacting all areas of our lives.

San Francisco and Berkeley Spiritual Counseling for IndividualsWith an attitude of gentleness and mindfully oriented awareness, we can work towards helping you learn how to embrace your humanness and the complexities of life while increasing self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. It is my hope that our spiritual counseling work together would strengthen your ability to find your innermost truths and become able to express yourself with greater authenticity and perhaps even kindness.

With over thirty years of experience in private practice I have received extensive training in working with people who want help with: relationship issues for individuals, couples/premarital and marital therapy, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, career issues, eating disorders, grief counseling, mid-life concerns, conscious aging, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy.

JOAN FENOLD, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist offering spiritual counseling for individuals in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Mill Valley. Her work weaves together the wisdom of Buddhism, Taoism and non-dual understanding with contemporary relational views of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, body-oriented awareness and dream work.