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Phone Therapy / Phone Counseling

Phone Therapy and Phone CounselingIf you live in an area where it is difficult to find a psychotherapist who is grounded in both spiritual practice and the teachings in Buddhism, Taoism and non-dual understanding as well as contemporary psychotherapy you may want to consider therapy by phone.

I am finding that working together in this way can welcome whatever is of greatest concern to you in the moment and can support you in the process of finding and expressing your truths and uniqueness as well as help you develop a deep sense of personal integrity.

Phone therapy and phone counseling sessions can take place from anywhere in the world. People have reported to me that the work is quite deep and intimate no matter how far the physical distance.

Call to arrange for a free phone conversation to learn more about the work or to discuss the possibility of our working together in this way.

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Phone Therapy and Phone Counseling